Wednesday, February 18, 2009

mindless wondering

It is still raining.  Which is good, because this state was (is?) in danger of a drought.  Rain is better than snow, because the snow stresses Sam out, and makes it impossible for me to want to go out at all.  However the snow is prettier to look at, and it is way more entertaining to watch Campbell play in the snow, then watch him press his little face against our windows longing to be outside.

There is constant rain.  And it’s not just the water I hear trickling down the storm drain right now.  It’s the constant rain version of the pain I see in other people’s lives.  Specifically, my sister.  I know she received some devastating news today, news that I cannot begin  to relate too.  I wish there was something I could do to take away her pain.  All I can do is say I'm sorry, and I love her.  But it just doesn't seem like enough.  

But I do know that it won't rain forever.  Sister, it won't rain for ever.  God promises no more floods.  It won't rain, it can't rain forever.  I can't promise what sun will bring- but I hope you can find some hope.


And onto other mindless notes.

I hate elastic.

Argh.  I am hating elastic right now.  Absolutely hating it.  I am currently making a cute little hat for a baby shower.  And am having the worst time getting the elastic to work in the “elastic casing” I have made.  First, I made my elastic casing at the recommended ½ inch seam allowance, however I couldn’t get the elastic to get through the sewn seams inside the casing (not quite sure how this happened).  So- seam ripper.  Argh.  Then back to sewing another casing.  This time at 7/8 seam allowance.  So I worked the elastic through, and I must have pulled to much or something, but I pulled the elastic through to make the casing all bunchy, and then cut my elastic to sew it together.  However the little bit of casing that hadn’t been sewn on the hat totally puckered out- making the hat look terrible.  So I undid the sewing of the elastic- and then promptly lost the elastic in the hat.  And had to pull it all out.  And then I re threaded the elastic.  And lost it again. 

I am currently looking at the little hat sitting next to me, without elastic in it, the elastic now to short for the casing, and not quite sure what to do. 

It is very frustrating to invest time in a project that should have been done long ago.  And to still not be sure what I should quite be doing next with it.

Flash forward 2 hours.  I did figure out what the problem was, and have finished the hat.

Was it worth it? Well, sure- its cute, and i'll enjoy giving it.  However I still have a little butterfly to sew for it, and matching booties to make... so- spending 2 hours alone on just threading elastic through a casing was not a great use of my time.

You know what else isn't a good use of my time? Picking up torn pieces of books, even after I believe I have successfully removed all paper books from my 2 year olds grasp.  Wrong. He has somehow figured out to tear apart the covers of hard books.  That's not quite napping.  Neither is pulling off the letters of his name that are hanging on the wall.  This is the 4th time i've had to re attach them.  I know what you are thinking, why not just put them down? Because they look so cute all hanging up, all 3 names... and.... whine- I like it!

Hmm.. I should go unplug that glue gun.

And maybe go to sleep.

I'm looking forward to a half glass of wine in about 8 weeks.

For tonight, i will settle for ice cream.


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