Sunday, February 22, 2009

Agh! 5 weeks!

5 weeks left.  That's one hand.  That's saying- baby's coming next month.  On a sad (not really sad, but I think its sad) its also 5 weeks until my baby turns 3.  How can that be? Oh whoa is me.... I did not see... this coming.
- that was my lame attempt for some sort of poem-
but seriously, its sad.  Sam's been calling him 3 for the last few weeks- and I hate it.  He is  not 3.. not at all... not until April 1.  Sure, people give me strange looks when I say he's 2 (um, cause he's also taller than some 3 year olds) but I don't care.
Back to my epic to do list.
Here's what was on the agenda for last week:
week 6:
brainstorm Campbell's birthday party, decide when i'm going to do it, and start invitations 
** well, it's been on my mind, but i haven't even narrowed down a day.  the problem is that about 4 little kids i know have birthday's in March, and i don't want to upstage them, or plan a party on their day- and all i really want to do is just lunch and cupcakes with friends- that's it.  but of course, i want to do decorations... and maybe plan one game or something...
follow up with healthy families for Mason
** well, i followed up with medi-cal, and apparently as of next week she should be "unblocked" (whatever that means) and eligible for healthy families.  so i will call healthy families next week.
get Mason's birth certificate from the county office
**got it! and i mailed it off to healthy families! whoo hoo!
start Kris's birthday gift
** started- and almost done i might say. i am proud of this, as i kinda came up with my own bag (i almost dared to write designed but its loosely based off of one bag i've been eyeing, and constructed based on the skills i have learned from Amy Butler's Birdie Sling)
make gift for Chelsea's baby
** gift made, baby shower is today.
order pics of Mason and pics for frames
**ordered! soon the world will know that my little Mason belongs to this family and lives here!
work on Mason's little Kimono dress
** sadly, i haven't worked on this.
work on embroidery
** yup, been working on it, finished a little project i wanted to do, and am loving embroidery.
hang under my shelf
**i realized after i posted this that it may have sounded a little strange.  i have 2 things to hang under a new shelf Sam put up in our bedroom. i have hung one... one more to go!

pretty good.  I will need to move a few things down for this week:
week 5
write my Grandma's
finish Kris's birthday gift
make Meaghen's baby gift
finish Mason's little Kimono dress
work on embroidery
finish up what's going on for Campbell's party
make Henry's booties 
start Henry's hospital bag
register at the hospital
** and from last week:
call healthy families
hang other item

well, i think i can do it.  


  1. mary, i feel your pain. solly will be SIX!!! today he was saying that he'll be 7 soon and i said "not for OVER a year" and that made me think "woah, he'll be 7 next year" that is just crazy!

    where did all the time go?

  2. Hey, you DID design it. And I can't believe it's only 5 weeks!!!!!