Friday, February 13, 2009

my friday five

i'd like to start writing more consistent things on my little blog here.  and today i had the idea for writing weekly about five random things that just fly into my brain.

1) i really really wish that i could have some sort of microchip that always kept recording my inner thoughts.  i have some great ideas throughout the day, and i think- ooh write that down... and then i see my 13 month old toddling around with parts to my food processor, and someone they fly out of my brain into oblivion.  

2) yeah, number 1 would be great, because earlier today when i thought about doing this idea for a post i had 5 great things that i wanted to write about, and now i sit here struggling for any... i really think one was about soup.

3) yesterday i was trying to evict a spider from my back room and as it got trapped behind my wash machine and i was spraying with cleaner... i had to wonder if they all natural 7th generation cleanser would actually be any way effectual on the spider.

4) maybe i should spend more time coming with post ideas and then spend equally amount of time coming up with what i will write in my posts.... hmmmm....

5) i will not be deterred- i will take better notes, i will remember more things that i think are interesting to share.  

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