Monday, February 23, 2009

following up

I am now all so happy to recommend to the world (or in this case the few people who stumble across this blog, although I will be madly spreading the word to any one I see).
Sure, the shipping is a little expensive- I think for 100 pictures my total for everything was just at 7.28 or something close to that (to lazy to check for sure)
Anyhoo.. i love the quality of the pictures.  My camera may help with that, but the prints turned out fantastic- no complaints at all!
So, as I was saying, the shipping may be a little steep- but say you find a buddy to share prints with (easy enough because you can each upload your pics from your own homes) and then split the shipping- that's getting 50 some pics for just about 3 bucks.
Why do I think this is so great? Because they have endless free things for you to create, and it seems your are constantly getting free pictures to order.  
For instance- before Saturday, I have 50 free 5 x 7's to order, I'm going to do some for gifts, some for my window art, and I hopping my photo buddy (you know who you are) will upload some... might want to give her my code...
Try it- its great!

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