Wednesday, February 4, 2009

9 hours

that's right. that's all i have.  i may be pretty exhausted right now, tummy hurts, headachey for days, and i've got this thing poking me at all times (ha, that's really both internally and externally- as my toddling baby is a bit crazy on her feet at times).
but i can do it.
i can absolutely enjoy today, savor the lasts, relax, and then embrace what the future holds.
3 of my own.
although last night sam mentioned 4... and it wasn't followed by his usual shock and horror... but instead, "i could do 4..but...."
doesn't he realize that sentence is enough to get me pregnant?
oh man. i don't want to move.
and that would honestly be- my only hesitation.


  1. I have always thought you could do 4! Hopefully I will beat you this time:) If not I will love however many you guys have! And don't let moving keep you from giving a child the great life you will give them. Love you

  2. Looking forward to Baby Four now...