Saturday, July 4, 2009

4 years.

beware.... a long and sappy post.
suddenly june came, and now july. and i realized, i have lived in this tiny town for 4 years now.
and then i realized, that last week, basically marked the 4 year anniversary of when i met my bff.
life had gotten out of control a little over 4 years ago. so one june day i moved to our little town. sam followed a few weeks later. i had a temporary summer job at a local high school's summer school. however, we were leaving with sam's parents and basically starting over as far as fiances were concerned (plus we were thinking of trying to have a baby) so i decided to try and find a second job. that lead me back to starbucks, where i had worked once before.
i filled out an app, and the almost reconsidered going back to interview. but i did, and i was hired.
how a simple thing like that could profoundly change my life... it is crazy.
i will never forget walking into starbucks and "seeing" my future bff for the first time (this sounds like a romance story... it isn't. i promise) sitting at a little table snacking on some pizza.
no, i don't usually notice everyone. but the manager was talking to her (she also worked at starbucks) asking her if she had any strange pregnancy cravings.
and i was instantly jealous. i sat there watching the pretty gal sitting there enjoying her pizza, talking about how she only had a craving for broccoli, and just being so jealous.
i had just had a miscarriage a few months before, and i so desperately wanted to be pregnant like she was.
well, i started working for starbucks, and one day before starting my shift i wandered back to our back room and there she sat eating her lunch, and she was so kind (i knew no one) and started talking to me.
we had talked about babies. and i confided to her (and she was the first and only person who ever knew this) that i thought i might be pregnant. who would thought a stranger would get so excited? well after 4 years, it all makes sense- she's baby crazy.
i was pregnant. and i began to enjoy every time i worked more and more, because it meant i got to see her! she was 3 months ahead of me, and we watched our bellies grow behind our starbucks aprons.
the one day, she asked if i wanted to do a women's Bible study with her. this was so huge for me. i was so new to the area, and had zero friends. and here, this sweet gal wanted to include me in something.
well, her pregnancy was ahead of mine, so she left starbucks before me.
and she had her sweet little girl and 3 months later i had my little boy.
we hadn't spent a ton of time together during the ends of our pregnancy. one of my biggest regrets was that i didn't head up to the hospital to see her little girl, it was a misunderstanding on my part- i thought she wanted privacy ( i was up for baby 2 a LOT!), but she was one of my only friends (heck, at the time one of my only friends) who came to see me at the hospital.
she helped when i struggled with nursing, and then one spring day, she showed up to hang out.
after we discovered that we both loved scrubs and lost, and that reading was our passion, and that we both were committed to homeschooling, we were literally like a match made in heaven.
and then came the sewing.
the reason for the picture on top? that was a burp cloth she gave me. and that burp cloth was what inspired me to learn how to sew.
and she held my hand through the whole process.
it actually took 2 years for me to tell her she was my bff (i figured she had many- she has 6 sister-in-laws) and i was so thrilled to learn that i was her bff!
at first we would overly apologize for EVERYTHING. constantly worried we would somehow offend the other. now we can be found sternly talking to each other's kids, knowing that its ok.
we've come a long way in the last 4 years.
i don't think a day goes by that we don't have find the time to either talk (on the phone) or chat on the computer. she's seen me at my worst, listened to every time i needed to vent, helped me through a hard time with sam, and will do anything for me or my kids.
as i reflect on the last 4 years, it still makes me laugh to think that this little town was only supposed to be the place where we started over, not where we would settle down and live.
but i am so glad that the Lord brought us here.
because this is where my bff was.
i love you bff! i am so happy that you are in my life.
i am most looking forward to more sewing, home-schooling, more children (hopefully), more trips, more stories, more food... everything!
basically, the forever part of bff.
i hope everyone is so blessed to have a friend as good to them, as you are to me!


  1. Such a sweet story! It is so wonderful when we are able to find a "sister" of a friend. Liz is that friend for me. We were good friends before the pregnancy (already like twins in everyway but actually being twins) and then to both get pregnant at the same time, with the SAME due date. That was the icing on the cake. It was funny to read how you said you would both appoligize for everyting - we were the same until we figured out how similar we are. Now it is so wonderful to have a friend that I can be honest and blunt with and not have to worry about hurting their feelings. And I love having the honesty in return. I wish everyone could know such great friendship. :)

  2. this is an amazing story! you brought tears to my eyes because i remember so clearly this point of your life and i was just telling bill how good i think grass valley has been for you! God is so good how He directs us and guides us, and brings key people into our lives and just the right time. thanks for sharing. what a special friendship!