Sunday, July 12, 2009


if you haven't noticed i have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. well, i am getting pretty tired of using this blog as a podium for complaining. yes, there are awful days (and truth be told, this week has been pretty dang un-fun) but i have so much to be thankful fore.
and really, all i need is a good plan.
i do not function well in disorganization. and in my house were are currently suffering from of disorder called "clutter", have you heard of it? i hope no one has caught it from me.
as i said, i do not function well when there is a mess of clutter surrounding me.... well any mess in general.
so, in order to stop feeling so overwhelmed, i need to start tackling some of the major offenders in the house.
be prepared to gasp and awe (gasp over the disaster, awe over what i have done)

before: fabric storage

After: fabric organized by color.

the process.
a place for started, yet unfinished projects

my favorite thing, a tub with bags of scraps, organized by color.

My Back Room
this is where laundry is done and food and fabric is stored.
Before: chaos.

After: organizational bliss.

fabric stacked oh so neatly.

The Hallway
Before: this hallway (our only hallway) is found between our 2 bedrooms, the bathroom is to the right. i thought it would be brilliant to bring in a shelf so we could have more space for stuff. seeing that i didn't decide what that stuff would be, it just came a place to set,throw, and dump "stuff".

i designated a shelf for everything!
top shelf: games are on the top shelf, next to a green tote that is full of information and documents i need to keep handy.
next shelf down: all of my homeschooling books for the kids, in one handy place that i can get to regardless of who is napping.
next shelf down: all workbooks for homeschooling, plus all my planning and informational books for homeschooling. the beautiful little polka dot bag is where i can keeping everything i need for my devotions (Bible, journal, pen, and whatever devotional book i am reading)
down another shelf: 2 blue baskets (i need to get one more, i love you dollar tree) one basket if for clothes that aren't dirty, but just aren't put away yet. the other basket is for dirty clothes that are coming out of the bathroom (either pjs or clothes we've worn for the day). now i can move dirty clothes to the back, and clean back to the bedroom.
under the shelf: 3 green baskets: workout clothes. i usually work out when someone is napping, so i need to be able to access these items quickly, and without waking someone up. sam's stuff is down there as well!

needless to say, i am thrilled by all of this new organization. it has given me quite the boost that i need to tackle the long days ahead!
stay tuned: my sewing area is currently undergoing a face lift.
sorry for the long post. i am just so proud, i had to share all the pictures.
and sorry for complaining so much. not really what i wanted to do when i started this blog, and stay tuned for this little blog of mine to take a more consistently positive turn.


  1. once again, you have inspired me.

  2. I can't believe the transformation - it looks simply wonderful!