Thursday, July 23, 2009

down to the wire

i've been looking at this amount of thread for the last few sewing projects. i really need to get to the store and buy some more- but i am desperate to see how far it would stretch.
and believe it or not (cause it is honestly true) but this little spindle ran out at the exact time the bobbin did! how wonderful!

i am in love with this fabric. it always takes me forever to pick out which fabric to use for a project. i am a fabric chipmunk- i stuff it away, never wanting to use it, because of course- once it is gone, its gone forever. i am happy with this choice for this project (pictures to come) but was hilariously disappointed that the fabric is almost gone.
sam came home from work today early (especially early because i have been sending him out to spend alone time) and took campbell and mason out for about 1 1/2 hours and i was finally able to have a little bit of uninterrupted time to sew. i'm in the middle of about 5 projects, and getting closer to being done. but of course, there are about 30 to start.
hopefully this weekend will prove to be productive, and some of the projects for the etsy store will be ready.


  1. I really hope that you are making something for me with that fabulous it, you little chipmunk!

  2. Kismet! I always love when the bobbin runs out at the end of a sewing run, too (as opposed to in the middle). I love the fabric, I think I have something similar - who is it by?