Monday, July 13, 2009

not what i expected

in september of 2001, i was a sophmore at simpson college in redding, ca. i had just returned from an ill-advised, disaster of a nannying adventure in paris. did you know that under stressful disastrous situations one can tend to overeat? especially in what has to be the pastry capital of the world. seriously, i guess somehow i just thought that i could eat 3 chocolate croissants a day and it would be just fine.
now, i'm 5'4'' and in high school struggled to maintain 140 as a weight.
when i came back from paris? 165. i am not lying.
so after a couple of months at weight watchers i started to slim down, but i returned to college still trying to stick to the program.
well one september day (i think it was september) i was attempting to refresh my self with a diet pepsi (cost $1 and 0 points). so i went to my vending machine in my dorm, pressed the diet pepsi button, only to receive a mountain dew.
not what i wanted.
first of all- i hate mountain dew.
second- no way was i going to waste 3+ points on something that didn't have chocolate in it.
i hate losing money (yes it was only a dollar, but i am thrifty) so i grabbed the mountain dew and headed across the way to the next dorm (the boy's dorm). evidently in my mind only men drink mountain dew.
i was searching for someone to buy the mountain dew off of me.
a door opened to a room stuck in the back, and out walked a guy who i gave my desperation plea to. he shrugged his shoulders, and handed me a buck.
i was flored! i gave him a huge hug, grabbed my diet pepsi (from their dorm's vending machine) and skipped along my merrily way.
over the next few months i did see this young man again, and anytime i did, i ran to him and gave him a huge hug, still expressing my thanks.
little did i know, he was secretly pinning away for me.
then one evening came along, where i had been duped by another guy, and i was letting jimmy talk me out of my emotional baggage, when i saw this guy again. and i said-"he's a nice guy, why can't i go for a nice guy?"
so i did. i was kind of a flirt. and not afraid to go after what i wanted.
anyways. i asked him out several times. he turned me down.
he actually told me once, "i've already driven my car off campus today, i don't want to again,".
somehow, i wore him down. and in december of 2001, he confessed his love for me, and his desire to marry me.
and in july of 2002, i married my the guy who bought my diet pepsi.
and today, its been 7 years.


  1. I totally forgot about Paris! Remember how Steve and I drove you to the airport to drop you off? That feels like a lifetime ago. Happy anniversary; I'm so glad that you and Sam found one another and decided to make pretty babies together.

  2. this is a great story! it is our 7 year this year too... i hope the next 7 are even better than the 1st 7 were.

  3. That is so sweet! One of the best stories I think i've ever heard on the topic. :)