Monday, July 27, 2009

best zucchini muffins

i love zucchini. i didn't always, but as an adult i grew to develop a liking, and then a loving of it. sam's parents just made (is that the right word to use?) a beautiful garden. and in it are (obviously, i mean what am i posting about after all?) zucchini.
me so happy.
what makes me even more happy? when a friend wanders over with a zucchini from her garden and its as big as a good sized butternut squash ( in fact for these muffins, i only needed that one zucchini).
we are going to be out for a couple of days this week, and i needed to cook through this zucchini more it went to waste.
after i had henry, another friend had brought us a loaf of really delicious zucchini bread (this was my first ever encounter with any zucchini baked goodness) and with that memory in my mind, i decided i wanted to try to make muffins.
why muffins and not bread? a very silly reason, i am still adhering to the points system of weight watchers, and it quite simple to know how many a servings a recipe makes when you can count individual muffins, instead of trying to guesstimate with slices.
sadly, i am not super inventive in the kitchen. however, i am have mad skills when it comes to "googling", and i was directed to Simply Recipes where Elise Bauer (as a 24 fan, gotta love the last name) had posted a truly fantastic recipe for Zucchini Muffins.
as stated before, i am not inventive in the kitchen, so i stuck to the recipe- except that i used whole wheat pastry flour (i use it in almost all of my baking) and didn't add walnuts and craisens. they are wonderful right out of the oven... they tasted ok the next day... but definitely good enough to make again!
this love for zucchini.... i have a few of my own zucchini inspired creations (plus one that is floating in my brain) perhaps several zucchini posts are in order????

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  1. So glad you liked the muffins!