Wednesday, July 29, 2009


that's right, we are headed out for some camping fun. just one night, and i have already scheduled a post for thursday (for those of you who just can't imagine one day without something of mine to read).
and while i have your undivided attention about camping, i would like to let you know about sam and my new blog:

this blog comes from 2 ideas worked into one. sam and i are on a mission. to camp as much as we can with our 3 little kids (and anymore that come along the way) and to have FUN doing it. some of our friends just flat out refuse to camp because they are convinced it is impossible to do with children. we think that just isn't true. we believe that with a little careful planning (ok a lot of careful planning) a strong determination, and the ability to be prepared to laugh when things go south really fast- it CAN be done!
and so will be the point of our new blog. don't worry, i'm still blogging here (i mean, i do other things outside of sleeping under the stars, praying nothing is crawling on me) but sam and i have dreams about this blog. we want people to find it useful, we want to post about the amazing places we see as a family, what works- and what just doesn't. i'm sure there are many blogs like this out there, but we are trying to camp with 3 kids, 3 and under- that adds a spin, right?
who knows where this new blog will take us? i see long term vision, and i'll be honest, wouldn't it be amazing if we could somehow turn this idea into something we did to provide for our family? i don't have all the details worked out, but i am a hard worker with a lot of belief in loving what you do and getting paid for it.
with that being said- head over to the new blog, see what its all about, perhaps add it to your reader, or follow it- i promise you will be entertained, and you may learn something you didn't know before about camping.
and about kids.


  1. I am really excited about this! I also know people who say it is impossible to camp with kids so I will be reading up and sending people your way. I hope that you can turn this into something beneficial money wise because people need help! If not I will still ready it and eventually will use your ideas! Oh and I am one of probably a few that can't imagine a day without words from you. You are inspirational!! and very entertaining!

  2. If this doesn't prove it - i'm way behind on blogs! :) This will definitely be a blog I need to read (the camping blog I mean, I already read the craft blog!). I camped growing up and I want Brice to have the same experiences. My husband is not a camper - they were in trailers and the such. So I am determined to get us out there in the coming years. In a tent! I have so many fond memories of roughing it with my mom and dad and I want Brice to have those, too. We would go to the middle of no where, no toilets, except a bush, no showers...a bath in the lake perhaps? and lots and lots of solitude. I love sleeping under the stars, too...when it's a big group.