Thursday, July 9, 2009

smo' good.

i dare you to not run out and make these right now. yummy.
this is just one of twenty-some Smore Cupcakes that i whipped up yesterday. and yes, they are as good as they look.
why Smore's Cupcakes? well, a year ago i was asked/volunteered to make these cupcakes for a wedding of two of my best friends from college. side note: this marriage happened because i was best friends with both of them, when they first dated i encouraged it, and when they broke up over and over again over 6 years i continued to push them back together.
i take full credit. however, as Shauna said last night, "yes it was you... and our love".
oh yeah. that too.
anyways, on july 12, 2008 they were married. i was a bridesmaid. and i made over 200 of these cupcakes. yup- 200. it was all the more impressive that they had to be made 2 days in advance, and travel 3 hours to the wedding spot, where they had to be kept chilled another day, and frosted the morning of the wedding (*** this frosting runs in the sun, in case you are wondering)
last night, these two extra special people drove 2 1/2 hours out of there way on their road trip vacation to come see (to quote Jimmy's facebook status) "hot Momma Mary, her three beautiful kids, and the old man she married"... which is an ongoing joke, Sam's 16 months older then me, but Jimmy just loves to tease.
i thought as a fun surprise i would remake the cupcakes (seeing that their anniversary is on Saturday, and traditionally you eat frozen wedding cake on that day) for them to enjoy.
everyone loved them (look at the picture again if you question this) and the four of us had a wonderful time reminiscing about our college days (we all went to Simpson College), laughing about old times, and dreaming about the future (Jimmy's wants babies now, i want them to move to Roseville-Lancaster is to far away!).
true old friends are the ones who you can not see for a year, then spend one evening with and not skip a beat.
love you guys.


  1. How sweet of you. I would die for a bite of one!

  2. Oh and I give you full credit for them being together!

  3. tummy is growling right now. I must have these cupcakes. They will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine.