Thursday, July 30, 2009

Honest Scrap

Thank you, thank you, thank you Serena for passing this award to me!

The Rules:
** Thank the person who gave you this award (thanks bff!)
**Post 10 honest facts about yourself
**Pass the award on to 7 others (i'm only passing it on to one though)

10 honest facts:

1) I was not happy to be having a 3rd baby. In fact, up until the night before Henry came i was really not thrilled. and then he was born. and i feel so oddly connected to him, in a way i didn't feel to the other 2 (not that i am claiming him to be my favorite- that title goes to the first one who can bring my coffee to me in bed) but, well the only way i can think to describe it is that i feel like having Henry allowed me to see a different of my heart. and made me realize, that i definitely would want at least one more.

2) 98.9% of the time I am right. i won't be so bold as to say i am always right, but more than most of the time, i am right. not because i am just so snazzy. its that i tend to not weigh in on something unless i know for a fact that i am right. sam finds this very annoying- as he is never right.

3) i constantly feel like someone is shouting in my brain "stop talking mary!"... i think i keep muttering nonsense when there is a lull in conversation instead of stopping the endless chatter that comes out of my mouth.

4) i am the most comfortable when i am the hostess. and i have somehow worked it so most of my friends come to me. i use the excuse that my house is the most central with a easy location for everyone. when the truth is- i just never leave.

5) i have mad skills at a speed card game called ERS- which is an odd combo of WAR and slap jack. i am undefeated. another thing sam is quite annoyed with.

6) something always has to give. and honestly when i started working sewing into my daily life, cleaning my house dropped off into the distance. i will cook, do my dishes, keep up on the laundry and try and declutter the madness... but when it comes to really cleaning... well, if you want to see a clean house better call before you stop by.

7) either i am a huge procastionator, or i work really really well under pressure- either way, i am always waiting till the last minute on things.

8) i never, never, ever read or follow the news. i know what is going on with people on facebook, and via blogs, but unless the news is interrupting my soaps- i don't know what is going on.

9) one of my dream jobs would be to direct music videos. i'm not sure why, but when i listen to music i see stories that play out in my mind.

10) i really believe that if i were to devote a tiny bit of time every day to writing i could produce something wonderful. i have a fairly excellent idea for a story, but keep putting it off (see #7). when i was in 8th grade i would get up at 6am every morning, walk to school to use the computer lab and work on a creative writing assignment. the assignment called for 10 pages. i wrote 100. i really wish i could get that book back.

i'm passing this award on to my sister! have some honest fun ash.


  1. I never understand why I am in tears when I read your blogs but it seems to always happen. Number one got me and I can honestly say that I am so thankful to Henry for that.