Sunday, July 19, 2009

the return.

home at last. and i need a vacation.
3 nights away from our little house, in an even smaller cabin with more people. yikes. have you ever noticed how 3 little children's cries are suddenly quite louder in less space? its funny.
sam's family reunion was held in lake of the woods, oregon. i have decided that while yes, the little resort is located in the woods, and yes- there is a lake. this title truly doesn't grasp an accurate description. let's try this:
lake of the how in the world can there be this many mosquitoes living in one place, and what are they, some kind of super breed that uses insect repellent as a way to extend their life?
hmmm... something tells me that title won't attract as many victims... i mean guests, to lake of the woods.
all misery aside, it was hotter than heck, and the kids were stressed to their core.
wait- all misery aside right? whoops.
i am really glad to be home. and do feel in desperate need of a vacation. so one of these days i just need to pick some time to take a long break (with my nursing baby in tow).

family vacation was the perfect time to play around with my brand new blackberry.
although, i could not figure out how to blog from it, i was able to check up on my reader, but not able to make a ton of comments... wait- none.
perhaps i will get a handle on this whole technological thing.
still not quite sure why i have a cell phone, seeing that i am either home, or home, or home, or glued to the computer, or home, or home, or home.
but now i can text sam, and that makes me happy. and it proved to be most useful when i needed to send some texts to my sis and some chats to the bff during the stressful legs of our vacation.

for now, i am home. and wondering what a vacation without children will look like.


  1. to answer the last part for you: a vacation without children would look alien planet. really fun at first but then you want things to go back to normal. but you guys should really try to get away...just the 2 1/2 of you ;)

  2. Wow that sounds like paradise! What is the address of this place, I need to ask for the time off asap! I agree a little time away with the nursing baby would be great for you! Glad your home. Love you