Tuesday, July 28, 2009

blog block

i have noticed as of late that several of the ladies who write blogs that i love to read have been suffering with a little bit of bloggers block. there's nothing worse than wanting to blog, but staring at a constant white space. i haven't necessarily been suffering from blogger's blog, however i have been suffering from brain overload.
this is the best way i can describe it:
remember playing dodge ball in school? well i feel as if i am on one team all by myself, and an entire class of second graders is pummeling me with little rubber balls. and i can't seem to dodge or catch a single one.
the balls in this analogy being all my constant and ever changing ideas, all the tasks i am doing, all the tasks i should be doing, and ..... i could go on and on.
nevertheless, i am enjoying the game.
for those suffering from the dreaded blog block, one small idea, why not share an answer for this question: if you were to be surprised with a trip to anywhere in the world- where would you go and why?
my answer?
if sam were to show up on the door right now and say drop everything, i'm taking you away. my answer would probably always be disneyland (however in my fantasy here disneyland is not crowded at all). i love disneyland. and i always will. sam and i have never been just the two of us (i know, whoa is mary, right? i mean, there are some people who have never gone, and i am complaining?) and i think that going just the two of to my favorite magical place would be so special.
what about you?


  1. i think my blog block is a result of my lack of projects and/or things going on in my life. i mean besides the everyday crazies of having two boys...my life is pretty boring.
    and disneyland sounds like fun. the last time i was there, the ONLY time i was old enough to remember, was with you and your family. i long for the day i can take my boys.

  2. I love this idea, and I'm going to use it sometime!

  3. I don't think I ever suffer from blogger's block - I can always find something to blog (talk) about...it's the crafting block that I have going!