Saturday, January 31, 2009

checking in... on another week

and from 1o, comes 9
and now 8!
believe it or not, it does make it seem a little faster doing a countdown like this.  and i think with baby number 3 i am not quite as apprehensive as i have been in the past.  i have my hands full with 2 wonderful, busy, energetic children (ok basically babies still) so having the extra time to wait for little henry is just fine.
but it is time now to see how much progress i have made on my hefty list of things to do.
don't be surprised if i have added some things, and taken others away... i keep realizing things i would rather do, and deciding that some things don't need to be done.  its shocking- me changing my mind.
**- means an item is done!
10 gifts to make
Piper Birthday Gift-so i still haven't marked this as done, simply because i still haven't wrapped it, and i am missing part of the gift... it either got given to campbell accidentally, or it is floating around in my closet (the floating around in the closet clearly indicates that cleaning my closet has not been done)
Madeline Birthday Gift-i have pinned part of this project- so a little progress!
Kris Birthday Gift- so i still have 2 pieces cut for this, but i think i have decided that i want to make a different project ( i only cut 2 lining pieces so its not a big project to change) i just realized that i would like to find a project that requires slightly less (or none) interfacing.
Jana Birthday Gift-no additional progress has been done, everything is still cut, pressed and ready to go.
Meaghen's Baby Gift- i have let my mind wander on what i would like to make...
Jana's Baby Gift- more mind wandering, but nothing real done.
Mother's Day gifts for friends- still just the 4 cut out
Sam's Mom and My Mom's mother day's gifts
Gaia Birthday Gift
Vera Gift- still have things cut but that is it.
Wow- so in this category I really made absolutely no progress. Yikes! Well, I do have one week of work left, then maybe next week I will fly through it???

10 organizational or random projects
clean out hall closet- happily started! halfway done!
clean out my side of the closet- this really needs to get done.
clean out under our bed- this is almost crossed off, really i guess i could cross it off, sam moved our bedroom around, and doing that forced us to clean out all the garbage/storage under our bed- but i still have 2 little bags under there that i need to go through... so when that happens...
**clean our living room dresser-i do officially feel like this one is done!
resort my craft stuff- Major progress! everything in the backroom is sorted, all sewing stuff is one place, but the back room is still a bit of a mess, so its almost done.
put together car basket
put up a sewing shelf
**finish names in the kids rooms-DONE! and actually redone (as campbell pulled the two L's of his name off 2 days after they were rehung!)
put up pictures of Mason- i have begun transferring pictures onto Shutterfly (free unlimited picture storage) so i think i am headed down a good road.
**clean out baby boy clothes- DONE! i pulled out all the clothes i will absolutely not need with henry (who needs 30 oneseis for one baby) and the extra clothes have been moved out to the garage (in the appropriate bin) and all henry's clothes are organized!
additional to add:
buy and paint henry's name
put up special frames on top shelf in kids room
hand wall photo boards in kids room

10 projects for me and my family
**my diaper bag-DONE! and i absolutely love it! its all packed for church tomorrow.  if i am not to exhausted, i will post pictures of it tonight. 
Mason's Easter Dress-this is changing- to an Easter Skirt which will be a slightly easier project, and i already have the pattern picked out.
Easter pants for Campbell-still need a pants or long shorts pattern.
Wrap Skirt for me- Easter-so i am definitely doing this- i have all the fabric i need- and it will match Mason's skirt!
Campbell drawstring bag
Henry baby blanket- crochet - almost, almost, almost finished! need to do a few more rows of edging, and then weave in my ends.  ooh and maybe make a mini version of it...
diaper pouch
my window frame project- once i get my photo book in the mail, i will see if i can order pictures from the same site.
laptop case
kimono dress for Mason
And i am adding an 11th- i'd like to get a few fabrics for Campbell, and make him a quilt for his new big boy bed... ok, so i've changed my mind, no quilt for Campbell at this time, but instead wait for his 4th birthday, when he will most likely move into a twin sized bed.
but i do have an 11th to add:
make Henry baby booties to bring him home from the hospital in (and get my sister to knit him a hat)

10 absolutely random things that need to be done
hang crates- i am not totally sure if this will be done... not because of time, but due to aesthetics.
pictures in back room
**Mason on Healthy Families- application is completed, stamped and ready to go on Monday!
make springtime decorations
do taxes :)- i have started this... it would be nice to get Sam's W2!
make Christmas list
find out about gas stove reimbursement
organize van
10 blog entries about my 10 weeks- 2 out of 10 done!
write my Grandmas
and adding an 11th- hang stuff in the kids room to fill up the blank white walls! now that mason is in the crib i can finally hang something above the crib! well i previously added this above- but i did hang a quilt above the crib...

ok, so little things are still being done.  and things did get crossed off the list, i still want to see more things done! it doesn't help that i keep adding more to do... i just keep getting more ideas, but i guess it is good to keep myself busy- it is making these weeks go by fast!

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