Saturday, February 18, 2012


well, its about that time of night when my gratitude becomes overly obnoxious.

132) blue embroidery floss that looks pretty on a ivory fabric.

133) painless tattoos.... aka... the little doodles i draw over my hands.

134) having dinner and wine with my dad. he always makes me laugh.

135) face-timing with 4 little ones.

136) technology in general. it makes me happy.

137) driving around in my brother's volkswagen cabriolet. way,way,way to much fun. and it didn't help me feel any less 16.

138) speaking of feeling 16- when you reconnect with a girlfriend you haven't seen since you were 16, that pretty much settles you back in your youth. i love you Kate! your beautiful face brought me unspeakable amounts of joy today. whiskey sours soon!

139) finding myself in the Lord.

140) finding myself outside of the darkness. i might be cool..ish.

141) looking on my bed and seeing many things made by my best friend.

142) the youthful face i apparently possess. its always nice to be asked how high school is going.

143) loyal friends-Vera, Serena, and many more, who text you when they want you to know they love you.

144) sweet Lisa and her beautiful heart.

145) blue fingernail polish.

146) glasses. we need them to see. we need them to drink. they are quite useful. if anyone knows were i left mine, i'd be quite happy to get them back.

147) SALVATION. i get to spend eternity being happier than i can ever imagine, worshiping my Lord.

148) getting lost in downtown Tacoma, and not caring. letting the patience that the Lord is teaching me start to really sink in.

149) getting free coffee refills. even after i spill coffee on a "lead barista".

150) i'm thankful for the reassuring text i received tonight. an answer to pray, i don't mean to worry, but i am thankful that things are okay.

151) songs that build.

152) my brother Paul. he's coming home. i'm starting to get oddly excited.

153) i'm really thankful for my hair. i know that sounds stupid. but its a color that not a lot of people have, and i'm really thankful that the Lord gave me something different.

154) i'm just happy. i am so happy. the pain and confusion has past. i don't like hearing more truths, but the happiness doesn't go away. its there. consistent.

155) my Bible reading plan. i just love what i am learning in the Word. i just love reading the Word. and i'm thankful for the tree that is on the front of my Bible.

156) air-drumming and a bedroom door that locks :)

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