Monday, February 6, 2012

iron sharpens iron

i am being ridiculously spoiled. the Lord is faithful to me in so many ways. His provision, His love, His protection, His gentleness. i am spoiled.
that alone is enough to suffice me. Grace is enough.
and yet, He uses others to bless me with kindness, love, joy, peace.
and little presents.

my dear from Piper from my college days has been faithfully praying and contacting me. she also sends me wonderful little gifts in the mail. the packages that have arrived bring my heart great joy. just little tiny things that remind me of how good He is to me, and the heart for Him that so many i love possess.

a beautiful mug, that holds coffee right now.

this journal is so exquisite, and in perfect timing, i have almost filled up my current one.

corn snacks, caramels, and a sweet note.
and a beautiful new necklace. i left most of my necklaces at what was my home, because i no longer wanted them, so i greatly appreciate new things to hang on my neck.

thank you my dear friend Piper. thank you for packages that bring joy to my day.

i would also like to mention my friend Emily, she sent me the book 1000 gifts. i have only just read a few pages, but i am too very thankful for the gifts my friends send me.
i thank the Lord for all of you.


  1. OMIGOSH what serendipity that I can suddenly load the comments box! I am pleased that my tokens brightened your day! I thought of you when I saw the necklace. Love you!

  2. Also, tinymousetits? haha, what was I thinking? let's see what else I can sign in under...