Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hello to my blog reader family!! I apologize for the 2 day + silence. The cat is out of the bag- or more appropirately, the girl is in California! I flew down Thursday night in top secret ninja style. I surprised my wonderful girl friends, and have been truly amazed at what God has done in just a few short days. I will have much to say about my little weekend getaway, but today is a day spent to worship Him and be in fellowship with other lovers of the Lord- I hope you can all do the same.
May you all have a wonderful blessed day.
And a great breakfast. It is entirely possible that I had leftover Indian food for breakfast. I won't deny or confirm this. There also could have been a cookie.
Again. It's possible.


  1. Curse you! You inspired me to bake after eating the last oatmeal cookie! I must confess, I didn't share with matt. ;)

  2. So sorry I missed you! We were in So Cal for a vacation and didn't get home until Sunday afternoon. Had to get back into school mode today. Looking forward to an update either through your blog or from friends. Love you!