Sunday, February 26, 2012


thankfulness. i am really enjoying listing off the random little reflections i have of what i am thankful for. partly because it lets me look back and see just what a dork i am.

201) a beautiful baby shower my sweet sister and soon to be here Hope.

202) seeing cousins, aunts, and grandmas that i haven't seen in many (10?) years.

203) always being the life of the party.... bazinga!

204) driving paul's little calberiet and once again having it stop running.... and having it start rolling backwards into traffic... and just praying, "come on Jesus!" without bitterness.

205) the 4 separate attempts of gunning the engine and hoping for inches of movement towards a parking spot.

206) feeling slightly embarrassed as i thought, everyone is watching me trying to push this little car into a parking lot. then thinking, well, if everyone is watching i probably should smile pretty big.

207) laughing with the girl in the car parked next to me, and nodding at each other with big smiles and thumbs up as i got the car to inch little by little.

208) i am thankful for the gentleness He is growing in me.

209) starting James in church today. me thinks i will find it applicable.

210) plans to spend my morning and afternoon with my youngest brother.

211) music that makes me think i can dance: i cannot dance. nope.

212) 1 Peter 4.

213) the peace the Lord gives to me.

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