Friday, February 24, 2012

throw your stones. i am thankful.

i couldn't be more broken. unless perhaps i was a piece of china dropped from a high spot onto granite floor. then i am sure i would broken into so many pieces. but. i am broken.
headphones on my ears, a pounding headache in my brain. desperate for things i cannot control.

thankfulness. i will remain thankful. i will be thankful. and i will not believe the lies.

My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there is nothing my God cannot do.

178) a very long hug from my brother Eric, and his kindness to my beautiful children.

179) reading an entire Flat Stanely book with Campbell and Mason, having Campbell's eagerness to hear the story, and Mason's head on my shoulder.

180) the promise of a hug from my brother Paul, as he drives across country as fast as he can to be here with me.

181) meeting the lovely lady that has stolen my brother's heart.

182) knowing that in just a few days a beautiful new life will be in this world.

183) looking down at my phone and seeing constant encouragement.

184) feeling the Lord wrap His arms around me, with His Words, His truth, and the people He places in my arms.

185) a stolen black hooded sweatshirt from my sister.

186) a "borrowed" striped scarf from my sister.

187) 5 tickets to FUN. and the thought of crowd surfing.

188) Andy. my college friend from the days when life was different. not necessarily better, but different. i love this boy.

189) finding a scent that makes me smile. i never wear perfume. i also never wear nail polish.

190) accepting that my 30's will be the start of my real walk with the Lord.

191) being 30.

192) Lisa Weiss. a woman who lost a love we won't all experience, and who in her pain, the Lord gives her kindness towards me.

193) Paige Denim. these jeans work for me.

194) coloring with my Henry and knowing my soon to be 3 year old knows all his letters.

195) trusting the Lord with my children.

196) thankfully trusting.

197) cookie-dough ice cream.

198) savoring.

199) "im the hulk, i'm the hulk, i'm the hulk" and all the other things that make me laugh.

200) being a fast moving red blur.

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  1. I love you so much, sweet Mary girl. You are in my prayers CONSTANTLY.