Tuesday, February 14, 2012

wheels down.

i'm back in washington, and have muchos things to say. my trip was fast, but it stretched out in a wonderful way. and i cannot wait till i have the opportunity to return and to see all that i love.
i need to run downstairs and embrace the four little people that have been asking for me almost hourly while i was gone- i'm kind of a big deal. apparently.

my heart overflows with gratitude and thankfulness for a Savior that loves me, that protects me, that cares for me, and who offers me all the love that He has for me. all the love that i need.

i will blog later this evening. because i spent several hours this weekend with the last woman sam had been with, and it was amazing how Christ used me- how Christ is working in even the worst of situations. and just how at peace i am with who He is to me.

but, i feel compelled to say this:
sam emailed me asking me to more humble in the way i am talking to him- both in emails that include other people, and here on the blog. he said that people are commenting to him and saying that they are concerned that campbell will read this:

"and all the blog stuff, not from me also but others have commented that they're ready to not see you be so cruel on such a public forum. so please? since the things you write will be able to be read by campbell before he can understand it, please dial it back ?"

well, i think it will be good for my children to know the truth when they are old enough to understand what has happened.
if someone really feels like i am being "cruel" please talk to me directly, i have no desire to be offensive to anyone. and honestly- i am so unbelievably happy about how the Lord has lifted me out of darkness and into light, that i have no-none-zilch-zero- desire to hang onto any the darkness- but instead just be a light for the Lord. that's all i want.
so really, talking about sam isn't something i need to do here. as he isn't a part of the light of what the Lord is doing.
oh- and i should probably mention, that i will be strictly monitoring my children's internet usage when they actively using a computer- so they won't have free roam to simply stumble upon anything, whether it be this blog, which i am not ashamed of the words i speak here, or whether it be something sinful on the internet.... not that there is anything sinful on the internet. wait.

so, i will be back tonight, to share what the Lord is doing.
i'm back on facebook: God is good.
and i think i can smell pancakes.
my dad might rock.
wait, he does rock.

and now, as i am focusing my gaze on the Lord, i've got Pressing On blaring in my ears-
"my problems fell out of the back of my mind.... to go back to where i was would just be wrong.... i wont sit back and take this anymore"

i'm pressing on- i'm following my Lord.

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