Friday, February 3, 2012

this isn't normal

how can i be this seriously happy?? i get on the phone with a stranger who doesn't me from adam, and when i answer "what does your husband do" and i'm like, oh has relationships with other women, i am NOT sad. i am sooooooooooooooo overjoyed by how the Lord has set me free. how He lifted me in His loving arms and took me out of the darkness.
the light is amazing. my arms are open wide, i am stretching them up to the Lord and i am praising HIS NAME.

He loves me.
i'm forever thankful.

61) the song Heaven by Live, its playing in my ears right now- uber loud. and i love it.

62) i'm thankful for the stolen moments my dad gives me so i can spend time with my Father. my parents constant help with my children is amazing. i am spoiled rotten, and finding myself growing closer to the Lord with every moment they give me alone.

62) still thankful for surely goodness and mercy.... as this song not plays loudly in my ears. i'm always happy to drive anywhere, the one place i can sing as loud as i want without anyone hearing it.

63) i'm thankful for no regrets.

64) i'm thankful for a kind, loving church body up here that is surrounding me from all ends.

65) i'm thankful that eternity isn't far from us, its soon. i can't wait to dance for my Savior.... and hopefully have rhythm.

66) i'm thankful that in heaven it won't matter if i have rhythm.

67) i'm loving peace that surpasses understanding.

68) i'm thankful for 4 resounding, "MAMA!" whenever i enter a room.

69) i pleased and humbled to be able to finally glorify the Lord with every thing i have.

70) i'm thankful for the sun that has filled the sky.

there is one happy red head up in here.

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