Saturday, January 24, 2009

i love Target

I don't think there is much better than getting to wander the aisles of Target... especially without your children. Ahh.
Since my belly has grown, my baby wearing days for Mason have temporarily ended. And I find myself so distracted when I am trying to leisurely shop around when I have a child in a cart I am trying to watch.
So wandering around Target without my children is truly a favorite past time and moving towards a wonderful luxury, especially when you get to do with a dear friend!

And, it is all topped off by finding wonderful deals!

3 pairs of shoes- for under $15 

cute little apples that i couldn't resist... i mean 5 bucks for a pair of slip ons that can get muddied up?

size 13 shoes for Campbell.  He's in 10 right now, but these were 5 bucks, and they'll work in a few years

and adorable little brown shoes for Mason, again not for awhile, but at 3.74- how could i pass them up?

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