Tuesday, January 13, 2009

still sleepy

ya, another long day.  so long that i spent most of it thinking that today was wednesday.  part of that problem may have been in last night- laying out my clothes for what i would be doing on 'wednesday'. this problem has now led me to thinking that tomorrow is thursday.
and its not.  
oh well.
i finished the apron! hopefully i will remember to take pictures before it is given to its recipient.
and i've gotten a little better at the crazy list making.
i've decided to narrow it done into a few categories, and 10 tasks for all:
10 gifts to make
10 projects for me/my family to make
10 things that need to be organized
10 random things that must get done.
why 10? because i am do in 10 weeks! and i figure that this way i will be able to do 1 thing per category for the next 10 weeks.
i've started the 10 for each category, but haven't finished it yet, perhaps when i do i will post it for both accountability and for the ability to announce my success!
the biggest thing on my mind are my sewing projects.  i just got so behind for christmas, and i never want that to happen again. and there are just so many birthdays and other dates that need gifts to be given, i want to stay on top of all it. cause i am worried of falling so far behind.
but perhaps that is just the growing fear of how complicated life may get in the next few weeks with the arrival of the new one.
ok, no more stressing for tonight.
some successes to post about:
- baby girl clothes organized! i am happy and ready to pass on some of the 0-12 months clothes to those in need.
- boy clothes organized! that took 2 days to accomplish, and i still am going to get rid of about 1/2 of my 0-6 month boy clothes because i just don't need all of it.

other than organizing baby clothes, i've been book hunting all over the internet.  collecting books for the kids home-schooling. i'm having a blast. but i am such a bargain hunter that it takes a little while to figure out what will cost the least, plus shipping charges... and then i end up changing my mind half way around the search.

so much to do. and i am really just rambling around about nothing super important. just the chaos that is currently filling my brain.

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