Thursday, January 29, 2009

maybe an interesting find?

maybe, maybe, maybe.
as posted earlier, i had been planning on doing my free photo book from Shutterfly.  however, last night at 11:50, i had the brilliant idea to check and make sure i had until today to finish my book.
i didn't. i had 10 minutes.
it did not happen.
quite a bummer, seeing that i had spent the better part of the week uploading pictures to the site.
through my discouragement, i ended up googling "free photo books"
and i came across: ArtsCow
i signed up for my free membership- and i cannot believe the amount of free stuff they will give you.
here's one fantastic free thing:
1200 free pictures over the next 6 months.
i'll get 100 free pictures, i pay shipping, every month.
and that is really the tip of the ice berg.
don't believe me? sign up!
i just ordered my free photo book (yup i finished)
and when it gets here i will let you all know how it looks, if the quality is great or not...


  1. Hi I hope you find this. I found that TUTE for the baby bibs the site I found it on must have had the links set up wrong. But this link takes it directly to everything you need and more. Find it on my site under the Bib blurb you commented on. Thanks for reading and by the way good luck on my giveaway.

  2. oops, my Blog address

  3. I knew you were going to say that about the tivo...your silly. We will be rooting for kurt too! I love you.