Friday, January 23, 2009

simple things that make me smile

this may seem absolutely absurd to blog about, but i don't care, because every time i walk into my kitchen this absolutely puts a smile on my face (yes, my life is super exciting)
we have all been suffering from a bit of a nasty cold.  the kids- especially mason- have had it worst of all.  sam really likes to have all our medicine and such out and handy, instead of keeping it in the closet where its usually kept.  its an argument i don't bother with (i like things in their place, he likes the practicality of having things in arms length).
so our kitchen counter has become the housing zone of medicine for all of us (its where i have kept my prenatal vitamins this whole pregnancy and lately our hand sanitizer)
well 2 days ago i had the wonderful idea to gather up all the counter items and put them on this pretty plate i have had for 4 years (thank you jill!)
and i don't know why- but it just thrills me! its not like a basket, which is big and can often gather more stuff, but its just a pretty little plate.  and even though it probably takes up the same amount of room as the stuff randomly spread out on the counter- it looks and feels organized! (even if only to me)
i didn't do a before shot.... the counter is too messy as it is... but ahh... it does make me smile.

other random things that truly make me happy- coffee mugs. sam and i must have more coffee mugs collected than many other things.  but he knows that i have a serious weakness for them, and he does work around them all day long.  and every now and then he will bring me home a new mug as a wonderful surprise.  and today was a particularly long day, but....

sam came home with a great new mug (actually 2 new mugs).
yes, we have about 30 mugs unused in the garage... and 15 or so out in the kitchen.  i don't care. i love them.  i love to use a different mug for each of my beverages throughout the day (not very efficient, but it makes me smile)
it really is a pretty mug.  sam came home just before 4, i was in the kids room, and it was kids-2, momma-0... i was pooped.
so he closed the door, and played with them.  i took my new mug and made a latte, then came back into the kids room and we all hung out.  it was fantastic.
ooh- and yes, that is biscotti in the mug.  another special surprise from sam.
its new.  it caramel macchiato biscotti (side note- i just thought... hmm i don't know how to spell this, and then realized i had one sitting by my side) and it tastes so good.
i am a smiling girl.


  1. It looks great! More green on display is always a good thing.

  2. I love this mug, I bought it over a month ago and it is by far my favorite!!! I miss you!