Monday, January 19, 2009

thoughts before i stumble into bed

i have been duitifully keeping up with my commitment to read the Bible this year.  i am on track.  and some days i am ahead.  in a few days my new copy of the NLT one year Bible should arrive. my plan is to read that in the morning (for a different translation) and then my NKJ verison in the evening.  we shall see!  i still need to pick out an individual Bible Study to do on my own.  for additional growth and knowledge.
what has been floating around my mind is this: how do we teach our children why certain things were done the way they were done in the Old Testament?  specifically? men and their multiple wives.  what will my kids say when we study this?  what will i say to them?
more importantly, after rereading Genesis (started Exodus today) how do i explain to my children the crazy baby making battle that seemed to take women by storm? it wasn't just making babies to populate the earth.  look at rachel and leah.  it was a competition.  and when they couldn't make babies, it was who's servant girl could make babies.
i completely believe in God's plan, and His purpose, even if i don't understand it in my own feeble little brain.
but how do i explain this to the most innocent of little minds? 
ahhh.  no answers will come after midnight.  hopefully time will give me more perspective and i the Lord will give me the wisdom when i need it.

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