Thursday, January 1, 2009

in the nick of time

43 minutes before January 2nd, and one of my main hopes for 2009 is kinda up and running!
Its weird to start something that you realize no one knows anything about... to sorta start a online journal of private public thoughts.  
Hopes, Dreams, Struggles, Triumphs.... 
What will I share?
Hopefully this will first serve as a way to encourage others and spread God's love.
Then hopefully it will give me the opportunity to try and communicate some of the never ending thoughts that run off in my constant inner monologue.
And next share. Share the struggles of my daily life, my frustrations and my triumphs, what I am proud of, and what I desperately want to change.
Add in a little dash of humor.
And a bit of craftiness.
And most likely stories of my family.
This is probably what it will be.
I almost titled my blog "and this is how I feel".  Its the name of an album I particularly enjoy.  I figured the name would be taken, and I realized that this won't always be about how I feel.  But how I think, what I see, what I do... etc.
A general smorgasbord of life.
A general wondering of what is to come.
A general wondering...ment.


  1. You are amazing. I think you are an amazing mom but I am also excited about reading more more you too! I love you and look up to you more than you know!

  2. What's this?!!! Have we really not talked in so long that I find you have a blog because you follow mine? Ah, I am greatly looking forward to this...