Thursday, January 29, 2009

i love simple mom

yup, i do! i love this website blog.  its encouraging, has great tips, and is just plain wonderful. my favorite thing is that Tsh (the author) refers to us moms/wives as "home managers".  funny how a very simple phrase can just put it so perfectly.  that is what i am. and if the day comes that i need to find a different job, my resume will list "home manager" for many years- and it will list it proudly!

Anyways, Tsh over at Simple Mom is having a week of wonderful giveaways:

To enter to win a wonderful outdoor nature kit for you kids:

To enter to win a truly neat baby gift  this one has given me some pretty interesting ideas for my own baby gifts to give!

** I would love that one... meal planning always feels so taxing, and they are healthy meals- I only have a few more weeks till Weight Watchers starts up again!

Well, that's about all for today! It would be fun to win one of these...

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