Monday, January 26, 2009

and yet another long day

yup.  today was way too long.  and as i sit here on the couch, with a pillow behind my back desperate for better back support and a little more breathing room (it feels like baby henry is pulling my diaphragm down) i know that laundry needs to get hung and the kitchen still has messy dishes on the counter.
and i wish i could close my eyes and have it all be done.
it was a really long day.  but i think that my evening was wonderful.
maybe it was my attitude.  i really didn't want to face today, in fact i had been dreading it for several days.  i only work 3 days a week (and from home) and i only have this week and next week. but over the last few weeks my kids have been draining my patience and i just couldn't imagine having to have one more child in my house.
and it was pretty much as bad as i had dreaded.
starting at 8:30 am with meltdowns.  then playdough throwing at 9, hitting at 10, arguing at 11, non eating at 12, disgusting diapers before 1, more hitting before 1:30, nap coos before 2, a fussy baby around 3 and then a husband walking in the door to a messy house at 4.
any one want to tell me how i am going to handle 3 kids everyday that are all my own? cause i am starting to doubt it.
i think a lot of today had to do with my attitude.
and i need to put my heart into check for tomorrow.  and not just try, but do better.
even if i cannot control the actions of all the children around me, i can control my actions and my heart.
i just wish i wasn't so tired. 
sorry about the complaining.  its my own bed that i have made.  and soon it will be over.
today really was my attitude.  and i can make tomorrow and wednesday better.

i did accomplish stuff.
campbell kept asking to do "school books" and "flashcards" and we were able to do some this evening- but mason kept interfering.
and while the 2, two year olds in my care tried to play outside, i did work on organizing more of the craft catastrophe of my back room.

and like i said, my night did have a better feel to it.
sam walked in the door with a latte and a new maple sausage scone from starbucks ( it is nearly impossible to describe how amazingly delicious this scone was- i highly recommend it... it was literally like tasting baked pancakes and sausage and syrup but awesome)
and then the second two year old left.
and my children played happily and lovingly.
we had dinner.
and sam did my favorite thing in the world, moved furniture around (this had started last night)
and then we vegged together.
which resulted in simultaneous cravings for cheeseburgers at 8 pm (and not fast food... restaurant.. thank you "how i met your mother")
and enjoyed watching jack on 24.
so a pleasant end to a long day.
unfortunately i am not about to go jump under the covers and off to dream land.
those dirty dishes need to be dealt with.
and that laundry needs to get hung.
and i have projects on my ironing board that have been oh so neglected.


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