Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Great Offer!

free 8 x8 photo book

Its not really even an offer, but another great freebie from Shutterfly.  I wonder how they make any money? Does it only cost them pennies to ship something and then do they make money off of the shipping charges??
I don't know and I don't care- I love free stuff!  I would say that I would save this wonderful offer for someones gift of something... but I don't have anyone coming up who would really benefit- and I kinda want one for myself.
So here's the info:

go to
Make yourself an 8 by 8 photo book that is valued at $29.99
when you are finished, enter the code: MYFREEBOOK into your shopping cart.
Then you are all set.
I think its like 6 dollars shipping.
But memories.
You can't lose the memories (or what does Mr. Lunt say??? I can hear him in my head)

Ooh- and you don't always have to do pics of kids or something...
I've made a book before for Sam of all the pictures from our trip to Washington DC
or you can write a book, and use pretty pictures you have taken to illustrate it- which i have done for both Piper and my family.
Just ideas.
Free stuff.

forgot to mention- this offer ends January 28th!

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