Saturday, January 24, 2009

one week down

From 10 becomes 9
9 weeks till due date
Whew. breathe. It will all be ok.
I thought it would be good to check in with a status update on my list of things to do.  Below is the original list... check below for comments on status, and any changes I have made.  I know... I am so very stimulating.  
**- means an item is done!
10 gifts to make
Piper Birthday Gift-ok, technically the gift part is made.  however, i don't feel like i can cross this off until the gift is wrapped and stuffed in her little gift bag... but progress was made.
Madeline Birthday Gift
Kris Birthday Gift- i did cut out 2 pieces
Jana Birthday Gift-cut out all the pieces... except interfacing... dang... wait! Never mind- i did cut out the interfacing- and- and- and- i have already ironed it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my.  What progress.
Meaghen's Baby Gift
Jana's Baby Gift
Mother's Day gifts for friends- cut out enough for 4... have  like 13 i'm making... so slight progress.
Sam's Mom and My Mom's mother day's gifts
Gaia Birthday Gift
Vera Gift- cut out all the pieces- except interfacing.  this time its true. i'm using the same fabrics as Jana's and I think that is why I got confused.

10 organizational or random projects
clean out hall closet
clean out my side of the closet
clean out under our bed
**clean our living room dresser-basically done, the drawers are cleaned out and organized, however i feel like one drawer doesn't technically have a purpose, so it makes me feel like i can't say its all done- but 4 out of 5 drawers is good.  and the top little tray thingy is officially cleaned out- it just contains grabable items now: keys, chapstick, sunglasses, sanitizer (very good by the front door) and ipods.
resort my craft stuff-i kinda started campbell's art stuff- i moved all the art stuff (minus stickers) to the dinning room so he could access them more frequently.  but i have 2 huge totes in the back that need my attention.
put together car basket
put up a sewing shelf
finish names in the kids rooms-i am currently painting Mason's name (although to paint the letters in the color order i wanted her name currently spells out MOANS... hmmm) and I am about to (glue gun plugged in) reattach the part of Campbell's name that he pulled off.
put up pictures of Mason- i have begun transferring pictures onto Shutterfly (free unlimited picture storage) so i think i am headed down a good road.
clean out baby boy clothes

10 projects for me and my family
my diaper bag-pieces cut out, interfacing attached, sewing begun.
Mason's Easter Dress-borrowed the pattern i wanted to use, now need to figure out fabric.  i have a couple i could use... but do i want to? i would really like to be frugal and not run out and buy new fabric (even though there is some great clearance fabric i have my eye on) but... i don't know....
Easter pants for Campbell/Henry?-i do not think i will bother messing with making newborn clothes.  and sadly, i don't even think i will get Henry a new outfit- ooh but wait, my sister got a cute stripped one piece outfit- that will work (i was going to use it for his hospital outfit, but the blue clashes with the blue on the blanket i am making for him... sorry sis) and campbell... hmmmm... i need a pant pattern. i do have the fabric...
Wrap Skirt for me- Easter-i've decided to cross this one off.  i think.  maybe a walk downtown will change my mind.  but i'm not sure what measurements to use right now.  or fabric.  although an idea is peeking in the brain right now... darn it. maybe this is on.... i envisioned mason and i in matching fabrics.  cheesy i know.
Campbell drawstring bag
Henry baby blanket- crochet - started! and looking awesome!
diaper pouch
my window frame project- sam actually brought this up tonight! whoo hoo! is he reading this blog?
laptop case
kimono dress for Mason
And i am adding an 11th- i'd like to get a few fabrics for Campbell, and make him a quilt for his new big boy bed...

10 absolutely random things that need to be done
hang crates
pictures in back room
Mason on Healthy Families
make springtime decorations
do taxes :)
make Christmas list
find out about gas stove reimbursement
organize van
10 blog entries about my 10 weeks- 1 out of 10 done!
write my Grandmas
and adding an 11th- hang stuff in the kids room to fill up the blank white walls! now that mason is in the crib i can finally hang something above the crib!

i guess overall not bad progress. i guess i envisioned crossing more off.
however, i did do stuff this week, little parts toward the list.  and i still have 9 weeks to go.
and i am a procrastinator.  i work better under pressure.
or something like that.

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  1. That's a lot of progress! Hm, I'm still working on Christmas...