Sunday, January 18, 2009

An Interesting New Find

I do the majority of my grocery shopping in Roseville.  I would say 99% of our shopping down there.  Eventually Auburn will have a Trader Joe's and a Costco, and between our little family growing from 4 to 5, we will probably be buying most of our groceries in bulk.Yesterday I had a wonderful outing to Roseville.  Stopping in groceries stores is much more fun when you aren't pulling children out of carseats, and when your husband isn't trying to rush through the process.  My friend Kris and I had a wonderful little trip without our kids and husbands yesterday.  And it was while we were out alone that we had the time to visit a couple
 of stores that we normally wouldn't have gone into.
Which is what I am blogging about (after a horridly long preface to it).
There is this little store next to Trader Joe's called Susie's Deals.  I have seen it every time I have gone into Trader Joes's but have never had the time or the desire to go in.
Part of my agenda for going to Roseville was to search for elastic band knit skirts.  Not knit, like yarn, but the knit fabric.  Something comfy to wear.
So- seeing some of the clothes through the window at Susie's Deals kinda reminded me of the type of clothes that may be mainly elastic... if that's a proper definition.
In we went.
And what an interesting find it was.
Basically I would describe Susie's Deals as a warehouse full of clothes that have gone on
 clearance at other stores (JcPennys, Macys, Target, Gap, Express),  its mostly fairly youthful items- but tons various hoodies and things that would be great for layering, and lounging! Plus there were children's clothes there as well.
its all 5.99
but  not always-
sometimes the items are 2 for 5.99
And- there is clearance!
It was a very great find.
Because i recognized clothes that I had seen in Target (my favorite place to shop for clothes)
These were my two finds:

there is a chance that these bedazzled gems may fall off, but if they start, I will probably pull them all off then try my hand at some funky embroidery.
Now this was actually a Liz Lange Maternity Skirt! And it was 4 dollars! However, I think the reason these skirts were there was due to the fact that they were all sized incorrectly. This is a small and it is kinda big- wide that is, so there is the danger that if my sweet little girl tries to use it to pull herself up, it may come off of momma.  But I will try and wash it to shrink it, and if not consult my sewing guru to see how I can make it smaller.
 i mean for 4 dollars- how could i resist this?

My total was just under 11 dollars.  Not bad.  I do usually like a bit better deal, but I really loved the purple sweatshirt, and for 4 bucks the skirt was just great!  I'll have to peek my head in there again.

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