Sunday, January 1, 2012


I'm having a rough start to 2012. But as I sit here before 6 am, not even 6 hours into the new year, I am going to try and start strong- even if it is only in my mind-
Instead of dwelling on: I awoke at 5:30 (not 5) which is supposed to be alone time in the morning, I awoke alone- Sam's already at work. And not to the sounds of silence, to the sounds of two boys laughing awake downstairs, and the screams of my baby upstairs. The two downstairs are coughing and snotty, but happy. The one upstairs is covered in vomit that is dried and old from who knows how long.
That's all before a cup of coffee.
But you know what? New year.
Campbell was happy enough to return to his room with the knowledge he couldn't get up (quiet downstairs) after I got Wilder cleaned up he is now snuggled up to me in bed, half snoring through a stuffed up nose. And Sam had made the coffee before he left, so I am enjoying my first cup of coffee of 2012 in bed.
See, it's all how we choose to look at things, right?
Speaking of looking at things- I'm doing odd resolutions, and I guess one will have to be: take contacts out! My eyes are burning!!!
I'm going to gather my thoughts on the things I want to do this year, but after my eyes aren't burning, and the snoring baby on me is feeling better, and my coffee is consumed.
Happy new year.

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