Sunday, January 22, 2012


i am quite aware that i am posting a lot. it helps. its like therapy. therapy that you share with anyone who wants to hear it. it feels good. to share what the Lord is doing in my life, in my heart. and i believe it is good to share my pain. and my experience. if hopefully through my story, my testimony, that this can be prevented for even one other marriage, then God has done something good.
i pretty quickly and drastically closed my facebook account a few days ago. i loved the support i was getting. loved it. but i was spending to much time looking at the faces of the women sam had sex with. too much time messaging anyone else that i thought he had sex with. messaging people for answers. drawing myself further and further into his horrible web of lies.
so i pulled the plug. i allowed Jesus to carry me out of that horrible place (it was a horrible place for me) and i am so happy to be free of it. the joy i received even after a day of not having to see things. unspeakable joy.
so no, i didn't unfriend you. i didn't have a nervous breakdown. i am choosing to share my story here, in a place that for awhile i was afraid to share with anyone who knew me.

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  1. Share away, Mary...this feels healthier to me too, from the outside looking in. These entries will be great encouragement to you as you watch how far He's going to take to AND to others who are watching that too.