Sunday, January 29, 2012


listening to worship music and writing my heart out to my Savior. so glad i have such a strong liking of journals, because i am filling pages faster than i ever have before. and every now and then i decide to pop over here and type out what i am feeling.
it feels good to be lifted high in Jesus's arms, not gonna lie. in fact, its probably a good chance you won't ever hear me lie.
i have so much gratitude in knowing that i can trust in the Lord.
i guess that's all i really had to say tonight.
i'm really just enjoying basking in the light of truth. let me tell you- living in darkness, uh sucks. big time.
can i just say that the Lord is doing so much in my life that it is just wild? and any time that i start to slow down a little on my path with Him and look a little to the left or the right and get distracted, or concerned- i just remember- hey wait a sec, where is my gaze supposed to be? see that smiling Savior ahead of me who wants to grip my hand? that's where.
not that its easy. nothing is easy. but i can honestly say, that holding on to the love of Christ is what gets your through anything. pain is real. sorrow is real. hurt is real.
however, Christ's love seriously can and will overpower all of that. ALL of that. and all i really have to do is completely surrender all that i have to Him and ask Him to take it. and He will. He really will. and i am so thankful for that. because i am not worthy of any of what Christ is doing.
but He loves me.
and my heart. it dips and soars like being on a roller coaster.
how truly awesome is Our God?

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