Tuesday, January 31, 2012

mas thankfulness.

it's been a great morning so far. every time more pain has happened, i come out of it closer to the Lord- clinging very close to Him. Loving Him, Trusting Him.
i can't stop listening to surely, goodness and mercy. it is SUCH a promise. a promise that i need to constantly be remembering- forever and forever with the Lord.
i'm still loving my Bible reading plan. God's providence. be told about this reading plan, being fed the Word at just the right time. He is SO FAITHFUL.

51) watching little wilder chase after my brother's dog, he kept laughing so hard, each time campbell threw the stick for brusier, every one burst out laughing.

52) well, everyone but the little miss, she pouted outside the whole time, but i am thankful for her pouting, as it is a perfect picture to me of how i need to be content in all situations.

53) i'm again (and always) thankful for the Word of God, and how you can look it at one day and think- hey, where did that verse come from??? and be renewed.

54) i'm thankful for my mom, for being so self-less with her time, giving me ample time to seek the Lord without being interrupted.

55) i'm thankful for my sister's growing belly and the little beautiful baby that is coming very soon.

56) i'm thankful for owl city. and words that are sung for Jesus.

57) i'm thankful for a mirror of truth- i can't always read what my verses say, but i know that truth is right there.

58) i'm thankful that grace is all i need.

59) i am thankful for the Grace that has been given.

60) i'm thankful for the keys of my piano, and how i can find my Savior there, and how it subdues my children to hear me play.

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