Sunday, January 1, 2012

If you couldn't tell by my post early this morning, I'm posting from my phone. This morning I had my phone in hand, and tonight I have it too.
And here I am, breaking ages and ages of bloggy silence with 2 posts in one day.
I'd like to share with you my plans for 2012. Resolutions, things to change, ways to improve, measurement for an ordinary life.
We start with the 100's. Sam had this idea for doing 100 days of challenges (100 days of riding his bike, 100 days of being on a trail, etc) and so I am kind of doing a similar thing.
100 days of abs (I work out almost every day, but rarely spend quality time on this area. I'm not looking for any super big results- I am hoping for small improvement)
100 days of games with my kids (my days run together, and I often don't prioritize little luxuries knot my days- you know showering and eating while sitting down- but I forget that I want to create moments with my children that they will remember, so, games- small amounts of time that I know they crave and love and that I need to remember to do.
100 days of writing (here on my blog, in my journal, and the story I have started and want to finish)
100 days of walks with my family (I think that my children are so much happier when they are outside and I KNOW that Sam is so much happier outside, so why am I not make a better effort to be where they enjoy being? This needs to change)
100 days of creating- craft, new food (I miss creating. Miss it badly. And I need to be doing it and I really look forward to 100 posts with new creations.... Even if I make the same thing 10 times)
100 days of videos (Everytime I find a video of my children on my computer I ooh and ah and feel 2 things- 1) oooooh my kids!!!! And 2) why don't I have more memories in videos!?!? That must most change! In this world of technology, I must be able to have more.)
100 days of devotions with Sam (Sam and I need the intimacy and reminder of Who is supposed to be guiding our marriage, our hearts, and our lives)
So those are my 100 days.
And here are my personal goals:

Read the Bible in 90 days again (this was an amazing start to 2011)
Read books- 24 books this year (list to come later)
Create all recipes from Deceptively Delicious
Stay on budget
Keep a meal plan
Take out contacts and floss
Really grow my garden
Declutter: big time!!!
Use my crockpot

Perhaps I will try and weekly or every other week check in with how the personal goals go.
Stay tuned. 2012- I'm ready.

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  1. you have so many good goals! i haven't made any yet. i did take time to do the reflections on 2011 on simple mom, which i must say were a bit painful for me but i am sure will prove productive. happy new year!

    my recent post: my top 10 posts of 2011