Thursday, January 26, 2012


i am thankful this morning. i am thankful for what God is doing in my life, i am thankful that will i draw near to Him, He draws near to me. i am thankful that when i keep my eyes and ears focused to Him how the chaos of lies goes away. because when i am listening to only Him- or those who only direct me towards Him- my whole life changes.
and i am just so psyched at how my life is going to be from this moment on.
fear not.
trust and obey.
be strong and courageous.

29) i am thankful for the Truth found in God's Word. and that when i have questions, i can turn to Him- i can draw near to Him through the loving Words of the Bible.

30) i am thankful for God's sovereignty. i am thankful that I am NOT in control. He's got a better way for this, than i ever could.

31) i am thankful that He never dropped me once during this, never.

32) the confidence and complete awe i have in the perfect timing that is the Lord's timing. everything- everything in my life led me right to where i am right now, for His Glory.

33) i am thankful for all the comfort the Lord is giving me, in every way He provides it.

34) i am thankful for coffee. which i need to go and get.

35) i am thankful for dear friends, for encouragement all the way from my dear friend Vera, in Florida.

36) i am thankful for four little people that want to give my hugs every couple of minutes.

off to find coffee, and to talk to 4 little people, and to be constantly seeking the Lord.


  1. And I am thankful to read this. Seems you are really drawing near to Him and feeling the comfort and hope only He can prayers continue.

  2. Just "officially" followed your blog but have been reading faithfully. I agree with Brenda -- you sound like you are doing amazingly well as you keep your focus on the Lord. Your faith is a testimony to the fact that He will never leave you and will continue to show Himself to you. But, I must say that I miss your sweet smile and those four little ones of yours!