Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Must stop sobbing in Starbucks or they might stop serving me

I had thought to bring my computer with me, but seeing that I left for Starbucks to listen to a sermon on my phone before grocery shopping I didn't think I would be blogging.
Here I am, unbelievably overwhelmed with emotion and able to sit on my phone, Desperation band blaring in my ears and feeling so completely humbled by God's sovereignty.
So insanely humbled by God's sovereignty.
I have so much swelling in my heart right now, as I feel the love of God totally wash over me (stop crying in Starbucks mary) and I have a lot I want to say about the sermon I just listened too- because I will be linking it later and sharing ALL of my notes on it.
But, since I no longer have Facebook (I actually almost just started it again but stopped myself- for me, Satan is like perched at Facebook just a waiting for me, so no thanks) I just HAD to jump on and say that I am just so completely blown away by God's sovereignty in my life right now and forever that I kind of just want to shout it from the rooftops.
Oh, How He loves me, and I have never felt it quite so profoundly.
"the miracle of Christ in me is the mystery that sets me free"
He loves us so much.
He knew and knows exactly what I need, exactly how I need to shown His grace and mercy and everything is working for His glory.
And if I could just say this: I totally understand Paul's gratitude for other believers (in the letters he writes) and if I could seriously fist bump that dude, I would.
Well, I will.
Sovereign God, you know my heart, you know my needs, you hold me in your hands.
And I am thankful for all you are giving me.

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  1. sounds like tears of joy finally. still praying. love you lots.