Sunday, January 22, 2012


all through my (what word actually describes what is going on) ordeal friends have kept asking me about 1000 Gifts, if i have read it, etc. my best friend had lent me the book bttwr (before the truth was revealed) and i never had a change to read it. but one thing that i do understand is that she has you make a list of 1000 things you are thankful for.
so lets start that.

1) the pouring rain and howling wind that i am hearing outside my window pane. it reminds me how present God is, how even though He is not seen with our mere eyes, His awesome power is always available to be witnessed.

2) spending time hearing God's Word and letting it be convicting to me- not looking simply for the judgement of others.

3) video chatting with wonderful people.

4) laughing with my boys

5) talking with my dad

6) lunch with a wonderful God loving family: the Platners.

7) feeling excepted and welcomed in a new church body.

8) forever being reminded of God's promises and love.

9) having great friends make me laugh.

10) debating my future as a ninja.

11) watching Wilder mimic Henry and turn himself around and around in circles.

12) warmth and power.

13) freedom in knowing that God knows my hearts, my desires, and that I am seeking Him.

14) truly praying today for another, in a way I haven't prayed before.

15) Serena Longacre. i love this woman so very, very much. if you need an example, i'd read about David and Jonathan's love for each other.

16) watching Henry put a wooden watermelon on a plate for me, then after it touched the plate he would remove it and then bring me the empty plate that in his mind had watermelon on it since the watermelon had touched it. he did this over and over again.

i guess that is a good place to start.

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